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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been drawn to dark things. Hidden things, peeking through windows and branches. Glimpses of flesh between shadows, TV screens humming behind curtains, while the creatures of the night roam freely outside.

The world is more interesting if you don’t look directly at it. And it’s softer after dusk, people tread more carefully, sounds become muted.

I often walk around in that grey area between night and day when the streetlights are just starting to come on. I watch the night deepen and turn blacker, bolder, less velvety. It’s such an elusive time of day and I love letting it slip through my fingers. It is finite and it is beautiful.


Some of these photos were taken on the other side of the world, others a few metres away from my bed. I feel at home in dark places, wherever they may be. Inside or out.

This series was published as a photo zine by Bump Books and part of it was exhibited at Exposure Value, in Ostend, Belgium.

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