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I’ve always loved the dark. Especially dusk feels like home to me. The rush of the daytime slowly melts away before my eyes, and everything fades to a whisper. People get home, connect or disconnect, and they finally let go of the day. There’s an artlessness to them right then and there. You can even catch them looking wide-eyed at the world, full of wonder, like children. They look at me and don’t look away. They don’t have anywhere else to be, just like me.

I often walk around in that grey area between night and day when the streetlights are just starting to come on. I watch the night deepen and turn blacker, bolder, less velvety. It’s such an elusive time of day and I love letting it slip through my fingers. It is finite and it is beautiful.

This series was published as a photo zine by Bump Books and part of it was exhibited at Exposure Value, Ostend, Belgium.

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